When in Rome

June 30, 2014

I just finished an 8 hour Rome walking tour which I took on three hours of sleep. Wasn’t sure if I was gonna make it but it was INCREDIBLE!!! Only bummer was the Trevi fountain was completely under renovation. Rome is an incredible city and there is so much to see and learn about! This is one of my favorite places in Italy. 


Grabbed a brioche and a cappuccino to go for breakfast this morning and sat on a tiny curb right here. Not a bad view for breakfast. Tip: get to the Colosseum early before the rest of the city wakes up and it will be peaceful and quiet. Notice how there are no tourists in my photos. I arrived around 7:30 am. It was fantastic.




Wandered around the Roman Forum for a bit. Learned about the buried city, saw where Julius Caesar was cremated and learned about what daily life was like here.



Gammarelli is the official tailor of the Pope!


My favorite site in Rome and probably my all time favorite work of architecture. The Pantheon in all its glory. Still to this day they don’t know how the dome was constructed. It is constructed from a single piece of concrete and it quite intricate. How they made it and got it on top of the rest of the building with the technology of the time is the big mystery. There is also a hole in the center of the dome that acts as sort of a sky light and weather control system. The perfect construction of this church makes it that the cool air is pushed down and the hot air rises in continuous circulation creating a perfect air conditioning system. It also never rains through the sky hole. The church will become humid but it was designed so that no water will rain down into the church.  Truly fascinating in my opinion. It is an architectural masterpiece. Not to mention absolutely stunning.



I got to take a tour of Vatican City as well which was incredible! The art in the Vatican museum was unreal. If you ever visit please be respectful of the art and do not touch anything. I saw too many tourists leaning on 2000 year old tombs and statues. Our tour guide told us that a week before someone had broken a statue because they were leaning on it. Please please please do not touch! Even just a brush of your hand on the marble can do a ton of damage when millions of tourists are doing it. Thanks in advance! xo






St. Peter’s Basilica. A golden dream. IMG_6857

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