Wait We’re in Venice?

June 17, 2014

Starting my day off with a cappuccino. duh. Today we made it to Venice and I must admit I am missing my little brother. He always talks about how he dreams of going to Venice so I wish he was here to experience it with me! I keep wanting to tell him and show him things until I remember he is back home halfway around the world. We sat next to and met some 16 year old boys on the train ride over and they reminded me of him. Especially one boy who was joking, goofing off and singing while playing cards with his school mates. He was so full of life. It actually made me feel at home even though I was so far away. Three hours later we made it to the sinking city. Venezia!


First order of business… a gondola ride. Not touristy at all. Totally worth it.




The white building in the center is the oldest building in Venice. It’s over 1000 years old. IMG_5866

The Grand Canal. I couldn’t believe my eyes when we took a gondola ride through here and saw it for the first time. It’s a beautiful city with so much history!



Through looking for a famous pizza spot, getting lost, finding our way, and getting lost again we stumbled upon the cutest little cafe near a gondola port with a gorgeous view on the water. The best part? This little nook was off the main tourist path so no sky high tourist prices! If you’re ever in Venice and dare to try to find it its called L’ombra del leone.

Ca’ Giustinian
San Marco 1364/a, 30124 Venezia

ph. +39 041 2413519

Good luck.


Cheers to getting lost, great views, and the greatest people watching in the world.


I bought this rad straw hat because it was a super sunny day. I never wore it again the rest of the trip but carried it everywhere making sure it never got smashed. One hour from being home I leave it on the plane and it now lives in Phoenix, AZ. I realized it was gone about three days later. Oops. IMG_5845

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