Trouble In Paradise: Day Four

March 23, 2015

This morning we had to wake up super early and head to the airport. We are going to spend two days in Cairns and explore the Great Barrier Reef! One train ride and a three hour flight later we had arrived in Cairns, Queensland. We went outside and immediately noticed the heat and humidity. It is definitely tropical here! We took a cab over to The Hotel Cairns and checked into our new home for the next two days. By the time we were all settled in we were starving so we went out to find breakfast. It seemed like it was about 10 billion degrees outside and we could already feel our skin starting to burn. We were dying and this was fall in Cairns! I can’t even imagine what summer is like.


After a quick brekkie we walked over the the lagoon which was pretty cool. There really isn’t a beach here so the lagoon is your only form of swimming or cooling off. The no beach thing was a total bummer – the water off shore is swampy and apparently full of gators and jellies. Eeeeek. So much for a tropical paradise. The tide also weirdly went out like a quarter of a mile so it was just watery dirt instead of an ocean which was super disappointing.


There really wasn’t much to do in town so we just hung out at the man made lagoon all day. If you are ever planning on coming to Cairns it’s best to fly in at night so you have full days in town. We got in around noon and by then all of the tours had left for the day so we were out of luck. The lagoon was nice but it was so hot that we were just kind of melting. We hung out there for a while and started feeling a little bored. I feel like a total brat for saying that I was bored while on vacation in Australia but it’s the truth! I feel like it’s a good thing for others to know if they are ever planning a trip here. Bring money for excursions!!



We decided to wander around the town for a bit and ended up at a music store that sold every type of ukulele you can imagine! It was pretty awesome. Plus they had air conditioning! Haha we played around with the ukes for a bit but their prices weren’t the best deal so we skipped out on making any purchases.


After that we went back to the lagoon for the rest of the day. It started to finally cool off so we laid under a tree until sunset. We went back to the hotel and got to sleep early because tomorrow we are going snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef! I am super excited for that.


Overall today was pretty boring and uneventful but I think tomorrow will make this trip up to Cairns worth it. We will be out on the boat all day swimming with the fishies. I can’t wait!


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