The Great Barrier Reef: Day Five

March 24, 2015
Great Barrier Reef

I was so excited to wake up today because of our Great Barrier Reef adventure! We will be spending the next 8 hours on the Tusa6 which will stop at two different reefs for snorkeling. Yippee! I can hardly wait.



Sporting my favorite STILL AND SEA bikini in the Great Barrier Reef! Feeling as colorful as the fishies. Use code “STEPH10” at to get 10% off your order!


We arrived at the boat at around 7:30am and had croissants and coffee. The trip out to the Great Barrier Reef took a little over an hour and the ride was beautiful. I love being out on the ocean so I was already in heaven. We were given our snorkel gear and I could not wait to get in the water. The reefs were so beautiful even from the boat. Of course the first thing I saw was a jellyfish but thankfully they weren’t the stinging kind. You could also see the bottom and the nearby drop off that goes down 3000 feet.




Snorkel face never fails to crack me up hahaha

The first reef we stopped at was Flynn Reef. We got in the water and there were fish everywhere! It was amazing. We swam around and explored and saw so much marine life. The coral itself was incredible. There were so many types and colors. There were a couple jellyfish which were pretty cool to watch float around. I kept thinking of Finding Nemo while we were snorkeling. I called the jellies my squishy and was waiting to run into a sea of jellies hahaha. We also saw lots of sea sponge, anemones, and other marine plants. There were all sorts of fish but my favorites were the parrot fish and the giant clams which were bright blue and purple and enormous! I also saw my first shark in the ocean! Thankfully it was a little reef shark that was sleeping at the bottom so it was not going to eat me haha. It was a good starter shark so I didn’t pass out – it was just really cool to see. After about an hour we hopped back on the boat, had a delicious vegetarian lunch and were on our way to reef number two.


Great Barrier Reef Shark Selfie!



We stopped at Thetford Reef which was a lot smaller but still just as beautiful. We were even greeted by a sea turtle. We suited up again and spent another hour and a half snorkeling around. There were a lot of parrot fish, angel fish, and other colorful fish here. The parrot fish really look like parrots and even have beaks! You could hear them chomping on the coral. I bought an underwater case the day before so I got a lot of cool underwater photos. It was a little scary because it was basically just a bag for your iPhone but it worked great! Not too bad for 30 bucks. It comes with a lanyard and even floats so you don’t have to worry about dropping your phone.


Spot the iPhone!



After our second snorkel session we got back on the boat and it was time to go back to Cairns. I didn’t want to leave! The reef was so beautiful. I could have spent days out there. Speaking of that, Cairns has live aboard tours where you stay on a boat for two or more days and just explore the Great Barrier Reef. It seems pretty awesome. If I ever went back i would probably book a live aboard.



The ride back was equally as gorgeous as the ride out and an hour later we were back in Cairns. By this time it was about 4:00pm. We were pretty exhausted and drained from the sun so we went back to our hotel and ended up crashing there for the night. We had plans to go back out to grab some dinner but we both fell asleep. I woke up at 5:00am with all my clothes on and the lights still on. Hahaha we must have been pretty tired. It was a great day on the reef and one of the best snorkel trips I have been on. I would definitely recommend the Tusa6 tour! The staff was so nice and friendly, the food was good, and they have access to 16 reefs. Most of the other tours only have access to a few reefs so you know you will get the best spot and the least crowded spot with Tusa6. It was really reasonable too! $150 USD for an all day tour plus lunch and all the gear you need. They had a professional photographer too so you could buy awesome photos of yourself snorkeling.


Tomorrow we head back to Sydney. We only have one more day in Australia! I don’t want to leave but I’m also ready to get back home and back in the swing of things. This has definitely been a great first trip to Australia though. I am so happy we came and feel so lucky to be here. It is a beautiful country and I will without a doubt be back again. One more day in paradise… Here we go!


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