Sundays in Solana Beach

March 16, 2014
Photo Dec 11, 1 43 03 AM

Any weekend spent adventuring is a weekend well spent. There’s nothing better (or more cliché) than driving down the PCH on a hot sunny day with the windows down & the music blasting.

I had to stop off for a Green Dream at Juicers off of the 101. You really can’t go wrong here! I couldn’t pass up this spinach, kale, pineapple, mango, peach, banana, & OJ goodness. And yes it was as delicious as it sounds.
Photo Dec 10, 6 23 13 PM
This wasn’t my ride but you gotta admit its pretty rad.
Photo Dec 10, 5 16 08 PMAlso, this view. Need I say more?

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