Rules for adventure

March 21, 2014

Adventures can be the greatest things in the world. When you truly lose all expectations and venture out into the great unknown, some pretty amazing things can happen. Here are my top five rules for an epic adventure.

Do what you want! Be free & open to new things, places and ideas. Don’t limit yourself. There really are no rules!

Don’t be in a rush. It’s better so soak in a few great moments than try to cram ten thousand things in. Be spontaneous. Set no schedule.

Take photos, but don’t spend all day taking photos. It always good to document great adventures but if you spent 80% of your time taking photos, what did you really experience? See the world through your eyes, not your iphone screen.

Go with the flow. If you set high expectations & plan everything out down to the last detail, chances are you are going to be left disappointed. Don’t worry about what you are going to do while out adventuring. I have found that my favorite places and experiences were stumbled upon or happened in the moment. You never know what you can find right around the corner. Take time to explore the unknown.

Just be. Take time to just sit and think. See the world around you without any distractions. You will begin to see things differently and appreciate the world around you. Soak up the sun. Breathe the fresh air. Live for adventure.

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