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Paia Town

March 8, 2015
Photo Mar 03, 3 08 23 PM

I’ve driven through Paia town before, hoping we could make a pit stop and window shop. Today that little dream became a reality and I spent the whole day exploring the gem that is Paia. Located on the north shore of Maui, Paia is the raddest town I ever did see. Good vibes, big waves, delicious pizza, vegan options galore, and hippie dippie treasures all around. Every store is painted a different color and every store and restaurant is amazing. What more could you need?

Photo Mar 03, 11 01 14 PM

Photo Mar 04, 12 15 16 AM

I started the day by driving up to Ho’opika lookout for some pacific eye candy. This side of the island is windy so the waves are stellar. This lookout is a must see. You can sit up here and soak in the gorgeous views and watch wind surfers do their thing. I also made friends with the local cows who live on better ocean view property than I could ever dream of having. Whoever said happy cows come from California is so wrong. Hawaii is where its at.

Photo Mar 06, 12 20 03 AM

Photo Mar 06, 12 25 58 AM

Photo Mar 04, 1 29 16 PM

After a little lookout time we headed over to Paia town where I fell in love. Every time I travel I find a cute little beach town that I decide I want to live in. This time it was Paia. It had a total beach bum, vegan hippie, farmers market, laid back vibe so I felt right at home in my element. This place had everything you could ever need. Cute beach and bikini shops, amazing murals, the most delicious and healthy pizza I have ever eaten, and so much more.

Photo Mar 04, 12 41 43 PM

Photo Mar 06, 11 38 38 AM

RISE & SHINE // feeling fancy in my amazing flash tattoos from Still and Sea.

We ate at Flatbread Company, known for their all natural pizza. I ordered the vegan pizza, but added some cheese as I was sharing with others and had to find a common ground. This place not only has a great atmosphere but the people are so nice and the food is incredible. I will definitely be returning for some more pizza goodness. We also ordered a little garden salad which was so fresh. The pizza is thin crust and a little crispy – just the way I like it. If you are ever in town you gotta try this place!

Photo Mar 07, 7 18 35 PM

Photo Mar 07, 7 20 13 PM

After pizza we walked around and did some window shopping. I found the cutest little inn where I might just have to stay next time I come here. I also discovered Cafe Mambo which I have never eaten at but it looks delish (another reason I need to return). There are also the cutest souvenir and jewelry shops, clothing boutiques (including one that sells “super duper cute headbands”), and a San Lorenzo bikini shop (their bikinis are like butter and the designs are killer but they are a little too bootylicious for me. Brazilian bottoms and too-small tops. Sad times).  The only purchases I made were a Hawaiian license plate (score!!) and two hats. One trucker had that reads “had me at aloha” and a big straw sun hat from the mens section so I can protect myself on the sunnier days of summer. Also it’s the perfect hat for moving the lawn. Haha.

Photo Mar 07, 7 19 31 PM

Photo Mar 04, 1 35 48 PM

Photo Mar 03, 5 05 06 PM

As you can probably tell by now, I am totally in love with Paia town. I had the best day here and can not wait to come back. If you are ever on Maui this is a must see, must do. It’s on the Hana highway and its a beautiful drive over. I would recommend spending a day here because there’s a lot to do and the beach is five minutes away. Take a little time and explore. Get lost in this little slice of hippie heaven and you may just end up finding yourself. Or at least a rad souvenir and bite to eat. Mahalo Paia town for such a good time!

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