What I Learned About Shoes From the Designers at Free People

August 13, 2014


There are so many great shoe trends happening this fall. I’ve seen it all from classic boots to Birkenstocks with socks and everything in between. I tuned into the Free People Live Chat on Facebook today and chatted with the creators of the exclusive FP collection shoes and other Free People girls from around the world. There were so many great tips, style ideas, and trends for fall discussed so I decided to sort them out and share my favorite finds here!


All photos courtesy of Free People.

Fall is approaching fast and everyone wanted to know the best way to transition their style from summer to fall. One suggestion that everyone seemed to adore were ankle boots. You can wear them with anything and this versatility is what makes them so great. The FP designers suggested the Left Bank Ankle Boot shown above. I love the chain detail and the distressed look of these boots. They would look amazing with the Embroidered Fable Dress which I wore here.


Another great item to help you transition from summer to fall are socks! Socks are being worn with EVERYTHING this fall. There really is no limit to what they can be worn with. I asked the FP designers if there were any rules for styling socks with shoes and here’s what I found out:

Q: So I’m seeing a lot of socks paired with all styles of shoes. I thought you couldn’t wear socks with open toed shoes, but after looking at the [Free People] website that no longer seems to be true! Any rules or tips for styling socks?

A: “We love playing with fun prints and textures with socks paired with open toed shoes. Like our Devon Clog.”


Birkenstocks with socks were once thought of a dorky fashion faux pas. Not anymore! When I said socks are being worn with everything, I literally meant everything. Girls all over are rocking birks with socks, open toed shoes with socks, and even clogs with socks. One combo that was suggested on the chat was overalls with birks and socks. Personally I am loving this trend because it sounds so cozy and comfortable! A standout in today’s chat was the Beltway Footbed pictured above. Feeling nervous about sporting this fall trend? Designer Becca had my favorite answer ever.

Stop caring – put on jeans & a tshirt and rock it! Own the comfort. The best accessory is your attitude.” – Becca


One FP girl had a Carrie Bradshaw moment. I thought this was a great addition to the discussion!

Q: “There’s an episode of Sex and the City where Carrie goes into the back room at Vogue and finds her dream shoe. A shoe she lovingly calls “an urban shoe myth”. Do you have a shoe you feel that way, or ever felt that way about? If so, what was it and did it have an effect on any of your future designs?” -Christian

A: “I felt that way about the Baroness! I woke up at 6am and I couldn’t find them on the site. I had a panic when I thought they had sold out! I bought them right away, and I’m wearing them now! Thanks!” -Rachel

These boots are my favorite pair in the whole collection. They are absolutely stunning! They are great boots to dress up an everyday jeans and tee ensemble.


Have you ever wondered where the designers at Free People find their inspiration? They seem to come out with endless unique designs that are not only gorgeous, but so fashion forward!

I love drawing inspiration from vintage shopping, street style blogs, and the latest from the runways. As far as pairing my shoes for fall, I always start with the shoe and I style my outfit around it. I would say that this fall, I’m going to live in the Grandeur Over the Knee boot, my high waisted skinnys and a cropped cozy sweater.” -Kat

The Grandeur Over the Knee Boot seemed to be the go-to boot. Its a great boot for transitioning to fall because it pairs perfectly with dresses. You can also tone down a leather jacket with the delicate suede. This pair of boots popped up all over the Facebook chat and everyone seemed mutual with their love for it, especially in red! 


Another designer let us know where she finds inspiration. “In general though, when I was in Morocco, I gathered a lot of inspiration for the Ajax and the Sierra Crest Boot. I find inspiration from all my travels…crazy intricate details from India, leather work from Portugal, espadrille inspiration from Spain…it’s everywhere!” -Becca


Big trends for fall are combining textures, chunky heels, and a lot of leather wrapping.”

I asked about travelling abroad and the best shoes for a lot of walking. Becca suggested the Balta Boot, pictured below. Notice the exposed socks. The Dani Slip on Sneaker was also a great suggested travel pick.


“I love that it’s a low heel, menswear -inspired shoe, and goes with everything.” – Becca

There were a lot of fan favorites discussed on the live chat. Here are some other top picks:


The Chance Platform. Personally one of my favorites! I wouldn’t have thought to wear platforms with socks, but I think this a great look! I am also loving the wooden soles.


Another fan favorite – the Spire Wrap Clog. Great for long days on your feet.


If you can only buy one pair of shoes this fall, the Flying Ranch Ankle Boot is a great choice.

There you have it! There were some great ideas in today’s FP live Facebook chat and I learned so much! It was great to hear from the creators of the FP collection shoes and learn about the inspiration behind their style. I know I will definitely be testing out these trends this fall so stay tuned for those! What are your favorite fall trends? Let’s keep the discussion going – I want to hear what you love and what you wouldn’t dare to leave the house in!


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