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It’s Impossible to be in a Bad Mood Here

May 3, 2014
Photo May 02, 7 09 01 PM

Crystal blue water, gorgeous views, ice cold mai tais. There’s nothing better than hawaii. The island breezes and all around good vibes make it impossible to be in a bad mood here. Today we got out on the water and enjoyed one of my favorite island activities: the catamaran! I love getting out on the water and sailing around the island. You not only get to look back on the island and really see it, but you also get to go out on the ocean and experience all the wildlife the big blue has to offer. My favorite cruises to take are the snorkeling tours and the sunset sails. They are simply the best! Sitting on the net as the sun sets with the wind in your hair is the best feeling in the world. I mean look at that view! You may even be lucky enough to get a visit from some local wildlife. Today we had a visit from a booby – the little guy soared right above our heads before landing on the boat and cruising the shores with us. He hung out for almost an hour before taking off again. It was incredible! I’ve also had close encounters with dolphins, manta rays, seals, turtles, you name it! If you have never done one of these tours you are seriously missing out. Sailing is a must do item on the agenda every time I go to an island. It’s something you really do not wanna miss.
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