Inn at Sunset Cliffs

March 30, 2013

All my life I’ve been drawn to the beach. This week was my birthday and I knew I wanted to spend it near the ocean. My family and I decided to head out to Sunset Cliffs in San Diego and it was everything I imagined and more! We stayed at the Inn at Sunset Cliffs which is a quaint little blue motel right on the cliffs. The rooms surround a happy little garden and teak lounge area with panoramic ocean views.

2013-03-31 10.48.08

Being so close to the ocean was already amazing but once we went to sleep we opened the windows and heard the sound of crashing waves all night long. I was in heaven!

2013-03-31 10.41.16

The next day we headed over to Ocean Beach, walked along the shops, grabbed an insanely good burger at Hodad’s, and explored the area.

2013-03-30 16.51.16My day was almost ruined because I left some birthday cash at the Inn at Sunset Cliffs. I thought it was lost forever but the Hotel Manager called me and mailed it back to me! He made sure I got it and I was so impressed that this was an honest hotel. It was a great little weekend getaway that I highly recommend!

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