A Little Beach Bling

August 11, 2014
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Sometimes you just need to add a little bling to your life. It’s always fun to dress up your beach wear, but jewelry can be a pain especially when swimming or surfing in the deep blue sea. It’s a big risk wearing your favorite jewelry to the beach because you might never see it again! Flash Tattoos are the perfect accessory to add some low maintenance bling to your life. No fussy chains, no snags, no more losing your jewelry. These little gems changed the lives of surfer chicks and festival babes forever.

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Loved world wide, these temporary tattoos are jewelry inspired and take minutes to apply. There are so many ways to wear them! They are so shiny and can make any outfit look instantly cool. I decided to try out Flash Tattoos x Goldfish Kiss – designed by Rebekah Steen, and fell in love. Her laid back, beachy vibe totally shines through (no pun intended) in these tattoos. There is even a replica of her real palm tree tattoo in the pack! They are perfect for a trip to the pool to cool off in this summer heat.

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Photo Aug 10, 1 47 25 PM

Try mixing and matching these stick on accessories with your favorite gold & silver from home. Don’t be afraid to mix your metals! I am wearing gold, silver, and black and I think the combination is amazing. You can layer on delicate chains or add a fun bangle. I really like piling on the bling!

Photo Aug 10, 1 45 56 PM

Photo Aug 10, 1 33 01 PM

Also be sure to check out Rebekah’s newest Flash Tattoo designs, Goldfish Kiss H20. You will find the same ocean vibes in her newest collection, plus 5% of the proceeds will benefit Waves for Water. Not only will you look cool, but you will be help bring clean drinking water to those living in poverty. Yay!

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Flash Tattoos can be found here. Want to know more about Rebekah Steen? Check out her blog, Goldfish Kiss for amazing beach style and bikini facelifts ideas. What are your favorite ways to rock your flash tats? Tag me in your #flashtat photos on instagram @stephaniemwolfe. I wanna see your summer style!

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