A Skincare Line Straight From the Sea

August 29, 2014

During the Summer months our skin takes a beating from the Sun’s rays, chlorinated swimming pools, and that makeup you left on after a night in the city. I get it, we’ve all been there. I’m there right now. Luckily, I found a product line that rejuvenates my skin and gives my tired eyes a boost of moisture. Petunia Skincare recently sent me two skin serums to review, & I am here to give you the 411.

Photo Aug 29, 2 56 09 PM

I received Petunia Skincare’s Professional Hyaluronic Acid Serum as well as their Revitalize Eye Serum. The Acid Serum is jam packed with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C. We all know and love Vitamin C but what the heck is Hyaluronic Acid? How do you even pronounce that? Hyaluronic acid is great for your skin because it locks in moisture and brings fullness to your skin. If you have fine lines and wrinkles, or have dry skin this serum is perfect for you. This serum not only smells great, but leaves skin feeling silky smooth.

Photo Aug 29, 2 48 32 PM

The Revitalize Eye Serum is my favorite because its main ingredient is sea kelp! Hence my post title :) This serum is full of Sea Kelp, Hyaluronic Acid, Matrixyl 3000, Natural Active Peptides, Vitamin C, and Ferulic Acid. Let me break that down for you. Sea kelp is great because it works as an oil free moisturizer. Its also pretty rad because its from our friend the ocean. Matrixyl 3000 helps out with those fine lines and wrinkles. Ferulic Acid is an antioxidant with anti-aging properties. Basically this is a little serum full of good for you ingredients. I will admit it smells a little funky – I’m guessing it has something to do with the Sea Kelp – but really rejuvenates and moisturizes your skin.

Photo Aug 29, 2 57 04 PM

A few other things I love about their skincare line is that they use safe, natural ingredients or synthetic ingredients when they are otherwise unable to extract them. They never use animals in their products and do not support animal testing. All of their products are also made in the USA. You can learn more about Petunia Skincare by going to and can view their products on Amazon.

What I Wore

Soakin’ Up the Last Days of Summer

August 18, 2014

This weekend I spent my time enjoying the sunshine, planning events, hanging by the pool, and taking in these last few moments of Summer. I teamed up with Hugssy, an awesome New York based jewelry brand with great values, for a pretty colorful afternoon spent poolside. I am wearing their “Rebecca” Multi-­color Rope & Chain Bracelet and Long Coral Tassel Necklace. These pieces added a lot of pop to my outfit and were so easy to throw on & go!



All of the magazines and stores may be reflecting fall, but I am still in love with lazy Summer Sundays. I stayed cool with some lemon water with fresh lemons from my trees and even had a little ukulele jam session.


This Hugssy bracelet is awesome because it looks like a totally colorful arm party but is really just one bracelet! I paired it with my Juicy Couture Charm Bracelet because I loved the matching chain details.





Studying up my fall fashion while enjoying this sunny day. You can’t go wrong with Vogue. The August issue has some gorgeous spreads. I can’t wait to try out the fall trends!


Close up of my Hugssy jewelry! The perfect beach accessories. One thing that is so rad about their company is that 10% of their net proceeds go back to charitable organizations. They really radiate positive, uplifting vibes and give back what they can to the community. What’s not to love?




Organic Frozen Blueberry Pops

August 13, 2014

Fall may be approaching, but the temperatures are not dropping anytime soon. A great low-cal snack to keep cool are organic frozen blueberry pops! These frozen treats are so easy to make and oh so delicious. You can make them in minutes using three simple ingredients: yogurt, blueberries, and almonds. Here’s how:



Start by mixing a little yogurt with frozen blueberries. I used Trader Joe’s Organic Low Fat Vanilla Yogurt and Organic Blueberries. I like using this yogurt because it’s not too thick, has a smooth consistency, and is absolutely delicious. It works great for popsicles because you can pour it straight from the jar. For these pops, its best to use teeny tiny blueberries. The pop mold is fairly thin so you want to make sure they fit. Mine were a little big so I chopped them into smaller pieces.




Next, pour the mixture into your popsicle mold. I picked up a Zoku popsicle maker from my local Williams Sonoma store. This little gadget is awesome! I pre-froze the mold then simply poured in my mixture, stuck in the plastic stick, and placed it back in the freezer. My popsicle was ready in under ten minutes! It comes with everything you need to make three popsicles. The only bummer is that it only makes one at a time.



Once my mixture was all frozen I took it out of the freezer and the result was amazing. So fresh and sweet! Just what I needed to cool off in this heat wave.


You can also dip the frozen pop back into your yogurt and roll it in sliced almonds. Just throw it back in the freezer for a few more minutes and it will be ready to go!

Things I Love

What I Learned About Shoes From the Designers at Free People

August 13, 2014


There are so many great shoe trends happening this fall. I’ve seen it all from classic boots to Birkenstocks with socks and everything in between. I tuned into the Free People Live Chat on Facebook today and chatted with the creators of the exclusive FP collection shoes and other Free People girls from around the world. There were so many great tips, style ideas, and trends for fall discussed so I decided to sort them out and share my favorite finds here!


All photos courtesy of Free People.

Fall is approaching fast and everyone wanted to know the best way to transition their style from summer to fall. One suggestion that everyone seemed to adore were ankle boots. You can wear them with anything and this versatility is what makes them so great. The FP designers suggested the Left Bank Ankle Boot shown above. I love the chain detail and the distressed look of these boots. They would look amazing with the Embroidered Fable Dress which I wore here.


Another great item to help you transition from summer to fall are socks! Socks are being worn with EVERYTHING this fall. There really is no limit to what they can be worn with. I asked the FP designers if there were any rules for styling socks with shoes and here’s what I found out:

Q: So I’m seeing a lot of socks paired with all styles of shoes. I thought you couldn’t wear socks with open toed shoes, but after looking at the [Free People] website that no longer seems to be true! Any rules or tips for styling socks?

A: “We love playing with fun prints and textures with socks paired with open toed shoes. Like our Devon Clog.”


Birkenstocks with socks were once thought of a dorky fashion faux pas. Not anymore! When I said socks are being worn with everything, I literally meant everything. Girls all over are rocking birks with socks, open toed shoes with socks, and even clogs with socks. One combo that was suggested on the chat was overalls with birks and socks. Personally I am loving this trend because it sounds so cozy and comfortable! A standout in today’s chat was the Beltway Footbed pictured above. Feeling nervous about sporting this fall trend? Designer Becca had my favorite answer ever.

Stop caring – put on jeans & a tshirt and rock it! Own the comfort. The best accessory is your attitude.” – Becca


One FP girl had a Carrie Bradshaw moment. I thought this was a great addition to the discussion!

Q: “There’s an episode of Sex and the City where Carrie goes into the back room at Vogue and finds her dream shoe. A shoe she lovingly calls “an urban shoe myth”. Do you have a shoe you feel that way, or ever felt that way about? If so, what was it and did it have an effect on any of your future designs?” -Christian

A: “I felt that way about the Baroness! I woke up at 6am and I couldn’t find them on the site. I had a panic when I thought they had sold out! I bought them right away, and I’m wearing them now! Thanks!” -Rachel

These boots are my favorite pair in the whole collection. They are absolutely stunning! They are great boots to dress up an everyday jeans and tee ensemble.


Have you ever wondered where the designers at Free People find their inspiration? They seem to come out with endless unique designs that are not only gorgeous, but so fashion forward!

I love drawing inspiration from vintage shopping, street style blogs, and the latest from the runways. As far as pairing my shoes for fall, I always start with the shoe and I style my outfit around it. I would say that this fall, I’m going to live in the Grandeur Over the Knee boot, my high waisted skinnys and a cropped cozy sweater.” -Kat

The Grandeur Over the Knee Boot seemed to be the go-to boot. Its a great boot for transitioning to fall because it pairs perfectly with dresses. You can also tone down a leather jacket with the delicate suede. This pair of boots popped up all over the Facebook chat and everyone seemed mutual with their love for it, especially in red! 


Another designer let us know where she finds inspiration. “In general though, when I was in Morocco, I gathered a lot of inspiration for the Ajax and the Sierra Crest Boot. I find inspiration from all my travels…crazy intricate details from India, leather work from Portugal, espadrille inspiration from Spain…it’s everywhere!” -Becca


Big trends for fall are combining textures, chunky heels, and a lot of leather wrapping.”

I asked about travelling abroad and the best shoes for a lot of walking. Becca suggested the Balta Boot, pictured below. Notice the exposed socks. The Dani Slip on Sneaker was also a great suggested travel pick.


“I love that it’s a low heel, menswear -inspired shoe, and goes with everything.” – Becca

There were a lot of fan favorites discussed on the live chat. Here are some other top picks:


The Chance Platform. Personally one of my favorites! I wouldn’t have thought to wear platforms with socks, but I think this a great look! I am also loving the wooden soles.


Another fan favorite – the Spire Wrap Clog. Great for long days on your feet.


If you can only buy one pair of shoes this fall, the Flying Ranch Ankle Boot is a great choice.

There you have it! There were some great ideas in today’s FP live Facebook chat and I learned so much! It was great to hear from the creators of the FP collection shoes and learn about the inspiration behind their style. I know I will definitely be testing out these trends this fall so stay tuned for those! What are your favorite fall trends? Let’s keep the discussion going – I want to hear what you love and what you wouldn’t dare to leave the house in!


Things I Love

A Little Beach Bling

August 11, 2014
Photo Aug 10, 1 50 09 PM

Sometimes you just need to add a little bling to your life. It’s always fun to dress up your beach wear, but jewelry can be a pain especially when swimming or surfing in the deep blue sea. It’s a big risk wearing your favorite jewelry to the beach because you might never see it again! Flash Tattoos are the perfect accessory to add some low maintenance bling to your life. No fussy chains, no snags, no more losing your jewelry. These little gems changed the lives of surfer chicks and festival babes forever.

Photo Aug 10, 1 17 39 PM

Photo Aug 10, 1 48 18 PM

Loved world wide, these temporary tattoos are jewelry inspired and take minutes to apply. There are so many ways to wear them! They are so shiny and can make any outfit look instantly cool. I decided to try out Flash Tattoos x Goldfish Kiss – designed by Rebekah Steen, and fell in love. Her laid back, beachy vibe totally shines through (no pun intended) in these tattoos. There is even a replica of her real palm tree tattoo in the pack! They are perfect for a trip to the pool to cool off in this summer heat.

Photo Aug 10, 1 37 47 PM

Photo Aug 10, 1 47 25 PM

Try mixing and matching these stick on accessories with your favorite gold & silver from home. Don’t be afraid to mix your metals! I am wearing gold, silver, and black and I think the combination is amazing. You can layer on delicate chains or add a fun bangle. I really like piling on the bling!

Photo Aug 10, 1 45 56 PM

Photo Aug 10, 1 33 01 PM

Also be sure to check out Rebekah’s newest Flash Tattoo designs, Goldfish Kiss H20. You will find the same ocean vibes in her newest collection, plus 5% of the proceeds will benefit Waves for Water. Not only will you look cool, but you will be help bring clean drinking water to those living in poverty. Yay!

Photo Aug 10, 1 39 20 PM

Photo Aug 10, 1 38 24 PM

Flash Tattoos can be found here. Want to know more about Rebekah Steen? Check out her blog, Goldfish Kiss for amazing beach style and bikini facelifts ideas. What are your favorite ways to rock your flash tats? Tag me in your #flashtat photos on instagram @stephaniemwolfe. I wanna see your summer style!

Photo Aug 10, 1 48 57 PM

Things I Love

Rainy Day Playlist

August 8, 2014
photo (1)

It’s a gloomy Friday morning here. If you love rainy days and jazz music as much as I do then you are sure to love this playlist. It reminds me of a dreamy morning in Paris.

Rainy Day Playlist

1. Le front cache sur tes genoux - Cécile McLorin Salvant

2. Rainy Day Woman – Kat Edmonson

3. Dream a Little Dream of Me (Single Version) - Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

4. Tea for Two - Sara Gazarek

5. I Know You Know - Esperanza Spalding & Leo Genovese

6. Good Morning – Norah Jones

7. Someone to Watch Over Me – Ella Fitzgerald

8. A Sailboat In The Moonlight – Billie Holiday & Her Orchestra

9. A Sunday Kind of Love (1959) - Dinah Washington & Belford Hendricks

10. Que Reste-T’Il - Cyrille Aimee, Roy Hargrove, Joel Frahm, Spike Wilner, Joseph Saylor & Phillip Kuehn


How to Apply Falsies

August 6, 2014
Photo Aug 05, 10 54 30 PM

For years I have been applying false lashes. There is just something about them that I love! You can transform a look from subtle to totally glam with a great pair of lashes but they can also draw attention in all the wrong ways if not applied correctly. Here are my inside secrets and best tips for flawlessly applying your favorite falsies.

Photo Aug 05, 11 07 55 PM

Step one: Choose your lashes. The great thing about fake lashes are that you can really play dress up with your eyes! There are so many options whether you want to subtly add a little length or make a statement and glam up your look. When worn correctly, you can really wear false lashes anytime, anywhere. These are not just for the stage, a fancy event, or the club. They can be worn everyday too as long as you keep it toned down. You wouldn’t overdress to run errands so don’t over lash! My favorite? Ardell Natural Lashes.

Photo Aug 05, 11 07 22 PM

Step two: Don’t skip the eyeliner. By the time you are ready to apply your lashes you want to have most of your makeup already done. Your eyes should have everything but mascara at this point. One of my favorite tricks when wearing false lashes is applying a thin line of dark eyeliner to my lids. Eyeshadow works great as a liner because it blends really well. I used Urban Decay’s Naked Basics Palette for my eyes & for liner. This helps darken up the lash line and blend in the fake lash strip. Getting the lash strip right on your lash line can be tricky especially if you are new to wearing lashes. This step helps forgive those little mistakes and will make your lashes and eyes pop.

Photo Aug 05, 11 06 20 PM


Step three: curl your real lashes. If you have straight lashes like mine, it is important to always curl your lashes! When wearing fake lashes, your real lashes provide support for the falsies. If you curl your lashes it will lift up the falsies and make them look longer. Plus it’s easier to blend them all together down the line when they’re curled.

Photo Aug 05, 11 05 33 PM


Step four: apply the glue (but not too much!). Take your first lash off of the plastic holder and apply a thin layer of glue to the edge. Be really careful not to squeeze the tube too hard because you will end up with a gooey mess! You really only need a small amount of glue so apply sparingly. Put a little extra on the edges to help them stick. DUO makes a great waterproof lash glue that will last all day and night.

Photo Aug 05, 9 02 18 PM

Step five: Wait! Give your glue some time to dry before even thinking about applying that lash. I like to wait at least a minute (two if your glue is brand new) to let the glue become tacky. If you put the lash on too soon it won’t stick and you will be frustrated because you will not be able to review and adjust your work. Being patient will make things so much easier!

Photo Aug 05, 10 58 08 PM

Step six: apply the lash. Close your eye and apply the lash as close to the lash line as you can. Be careful not to apply it on the lash line or you will pay for it later when your real lashes rip out with the falsies! If you are having trouble lining it up close, use a the back of a thin makeup brush to push it down closer. You can also carefully use the side of tweezers. Open your eyes often to check your work. Your glue should be sticky enough so you can push around the lash without it falling off. Continue to adjust your falsies until they look well blended and natural.

Photo Aug 05, 10 57 28 PM

Step seven: mascara time! Waiting until the end to apply mascara will really help to blend your lashes. Apply mascara like you normally would and don’t worry about getting it on the falsies. Tip: don’t apply mascara to the ends of the false lashes. It should only be applied about halfway up the falsies to avoid the ends looking too thick or clumpy. My favorite mascara is Maybelline Lash Stiletto. I swear by that stuff! Also used: NARS bronzer in Laguna & Benefit Cosmetics Brow Zings.

Photo Aug 05, 8 13 29 PM

Step eight: Repeat! Go back and add the other lash and you’re all done! Remember: be patient and don’t get frustrated if they don’t look perfect the first time. With a little practice you will soon be a pro at applying falsies anytime, anywhere!


Have any other insider tips on applying lashes? Have a favorite brand of falsies? Share your beauty secrets with us in the comments below!


Travel Essentials

July 28, 2014
Photo Jul 25, 11 01 32 PM

Warm summer days make me day dream of far away places. Summertime always puts me in the mood to travel, get moving, and explore the world around me. Planning for a trip can be overwhelming, but there are a few essentials I always make sure to bring along.

Long flights often lack entertainment so I’m always sure to slip a few good magazines into my bag before heading out. This latest edition of VOGUE featuring Cara Delevingne kept me happy and occupied on my last US Airways flight. I really love the styling here – it’s so British! I love the detail and texture in this Saint Laurent look (left). The design is girly yet sophisticated and I think this look is stunning. I have been dreaming about wandering the streets of London in this outfit. Maybe going for tea before finding the town’s best hidden boutiques. Cara’s beehive hairdo pairs perfectly with her head to toe Louis Vuitton (right). I really adore this all leather look. And that clutch! Photo Jul 25, 10 49 41 PM Above: Barnes & Noble passport cover, Ray Ban sunnies, butter LONDON nail lacquer, COCO MADEMOISELLE eau de parfum spray, NARS bronzer, Clinique moisture surge, the latest issues of Glamour and VOGUE, Hebella pouch Photo Jul 25, 10 57 23 PM Bringing a little pouch like this one can be really useful. You can use it to store makeup, tickets and other important travel documents, accessories – the possibilities are endless. I like to keep my go-to items in a pouch so I can keep them handy and easily find anything I need while on the go. Photo Jul 25, 10 55 50 PM Before heading to the airport I usually end up at the nail salon getting a fresh mani/pedi. Whether I’m going someplace sandy or will be exploring urban streets I want my nails to look clean, well manicured and freshly polished.  I always think to get a mani/pedi before heading out for vacay, but what about one week in when my nails start to chip and lose their luster? One thing I like to throw in my bag is a nail polish that will look great and last wherever adventure may take me. Having that backup polish to touchup or re-polish your nails can be a total life saver. This season I’m really loving butter LONDON nail lacquer because the colors are vibrant and this polish lasts. It is also formaldehyde, toluene, and dbp free meaning no toxins which is a great plus!   Photo Jul 25, 10 59 54 PM Endless hours of exploring sunny streets and lounging under coconut palms can lead to dry, sunburned skin. Give your skin some extra TLC while on vacation and be sure to moisturize!! One product I love is this Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief gel creme. It goes on light under or over makeup and instantly refreshes your skin. After applying my skin feels velvety and soft. It’s a great gentle moisturizer. These are some of my favorite travel essentials that really make a difference when I am away. They are small but mighty lifesavers especially when traveling abroad where our usual products might not be readily available. What are your favorite things to pack? Let me know and happy travels! xo