Travel Essentials

July 28, 2014
Photo Jul 25, 11 01 32 PM

Warm summer days make me day dream of far away places. Summertime always puts me in the mood to travel, get moving, and explore the world around me. Planning for a trip can be overwhelming, but there are a few essentials I always make sure to bring along.

Long flights often lack entertainment so I’m always sure to slip a few good magazines into my bag before heading out. This latest edition of VOGUE featuring Cara Delevingne kept me happy and occupied on my last US Airways flight. I really love the styling here – it’s so British! I love the detail and texture in this Saint Laurent look (left). The design is girly yet sophisticated and I think this look is stunning. I have been dreaming about wandering the streets of London in this outfit. Maybe going for tea before finding the town’s best hidden boutiques. Cara’s beehive hairdo pairs perfectly with her head to toe Louis Vuitton (right). I really adore this all leather look. And that clutch! Photo Jul 25, 10 49 41 PM Above: Barnes & Noble passport cover, Ray Ban sunnies, butter LONDON nail lacquer, COCO MADEMOISELLE eau de parfum spray, NARS bronzer, Clinique moisture surge, the latest issues of Glamour and VOGUE, Hebella pouch Photo Jul 25, 10 57 23 PM Bringing a little pouch like this one can be really useful. You can use it to store makeup, tickets and other important travel documents, accessories – the possibilities are endless. I like to keep my go-to items in a pouch so I can keep them handy and easily find anything I need while on the go. Photo Jul 25, 10 55 50 PM Before heading to the airport I usually end up at the nail salon getting a fresh mani/pedi. Whether I’m going someplace sandy or will be exploring urban streets I want my nails to look clean, well manicured and freshly polished.  I always think to get a mani/pedi before heading out for vacay, but what about one week in when my nails start to chip and lose their luster? One thing I like to throw in my bag is a nail polish that will look great and last wherever adventure may take me. Having that backup polish to touchup or re-polish your nails can be a total life saver. This season I’m really loving butter LONDON nail lacquer because the colors are vibrant and this polish lasts. It is also formaldehyde, toluene, and dbp free meaning no toxins which is a great plus!   Photo Jul 25, 10 59 54 PM Endless hours of exploring sunny streets and lounging under coconut palms can lead to dry, sunburned skin. Give your skin some extra TLC while on vacation and be sure to moisturize!! One product I love is this Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief gel creme. It goes on light under or over makeup and instantly refreshes your skin. After applying my skin feels velvety and soft. It’s a great gentle moisturizer. These are some of my favorite travel essentials that really make a difference when I am away. They are small but mighty lifesavers especially when traveling abroad where our usual products might not be readily available. What are your favorite things to pack? Let me know and happy travels! xo

What I Wore

Dresses to Die For

July 25, 2014
Photo Jun 05, 12 23 02 AM

Something I’m really obsessing over lately are the lovely dresses that the designers at free people seem to endlessly whip up. Every time I go on their website I die over the newest arrivals because they are always so delicate and beautiful. If you are looking for an easy way to look great this summer, but don’t want to spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning I would definitely recommend investing in a few of these beauties. All I have to do in the morning is throw on a touch of makeup and one of free people’s magical creations and I’m ready to go. Their clothes are so unique and intricate that they usually don’t need other embellishments such as jewelry or accessories. If you want to really rock that gypsy free spirit style then you can totally go for it and dress your outfit up. I love piling on all the turquoise I can find and adding a wide brimmed hat to really capture that free people style. But on days that I want to feel easy breezy I throw on one of my go to dresses like this one and I’m ready to rock and roll.



Puppy Palace

July 25, 2014
Photo Jul 25, 12 42 31 PM

The reason I’m getting absolutely no work done today. Can’t say I’m exactly mad about it either.


Photo Jul 25, 12 09 54 PM


Houston, We Have a Problem

July 14, 2014

Photo Jul 14, 7 30 56 PM

Adventuring in Houston! Was lucky enough to snag a first class ticket to Houston for a day or two. This city was totally different than I expected. Very rainy & green!

Photo Jul 15, 10 15 09 AM

Things I Love

Raider of the Lost Bark

July 13, 2014
Photo Jul 13, 3 53 29 PM


Meet Raider. Raider of the lost Bark that is. She is the world’s cutest husky pup looking for adventure. She can often be found raiding tombs, snuggling with her frog prince, and slaying jungle beasts. She may just be the cutest little fluff ball I have ever seen.